Mission & Vision

The Center for Entrepreneurship supports students with an interest in entrepreneurship and working for early-stage companies after Tuck.

Entrepreneurship is a natural fit for many Tuck students. By offering a strong general management education, Tuck prepares students for all aspects of running a company—this will prove useful in ways aspiring entrepreneurs often can’t imagine until they’ve plunged into the startup world.

One of the other things that differentiates Tuck is our uniquely collegial program. Teamwork and a commitment to the community are woven into the fabric of the Tuck experience. When growing an early-stage company, these two qualities are also critical. Most early-stage investors will tell you that they make investment decisions based more on the team than the business idea. Tuck is uniquely positioned to create world-class teams.

Both starters and builders will find numerous courses, programs, and opportunities to create their own entrepreneurial pathway while at Tuck.


To inspire and support entrepreneurial aspirations and journeys of all sizes and stages.


To build a thriving entrepreneurial community of starters, builders, advisors, and early-stage investors, committed to transforming the world through innovation and collaboration.