Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Program

Tuck has long offered events and programming around entrepreneurship through acquisition. In 2019, hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Speaker Series at Tuck was founded by T’20s Ryan Turk and Jim Prial. The Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club works directly with the Center for Entrepreneurship on an ambitious speaker series which is part of what teaches would-be entrepreneurs at Tuck about innovative paths to company ownership.

What is Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition?
Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, or ETA, is when a person acquires or buys an existing company to own and operate, rather than starting a new company or venture from the start. If using outside capital to purchase the company, the intent is to innovate and grow the purchased company to exit at a target date to return invested funds.

What is a search fund?
Simply put, it’s an investment fund an entrepreneur uses to raise capital in order to search for a company to acquire and run as CEO.

Tuck also offers the elective course Entrepreneurship through Acquisition taught by Professor Mark Anderegg. The course provides an introduction to the various pathways to ETA, as well as a detailed exploration of the various phases of an entrepreneur’s journey.

This coming year brings a refocus to the core mission of bringing this to life: showing all facets and pathways of ETA, not just the search fund model.

2023-2024 ETA Speaker Series
9/11: Pacific Lake Partners
9/19: BK Partners 
9/26: Miramar Equity Partners 
10/3: Archipelago Capital Partners 
10/4: Ventura Search Capital virtual office hours 
10/17: Endurance Search Partners 
10/23: NextGen Growth Partners
10/26: Maven Equity Partners  | Office Hours 
11/7: Chenmark
1/16: Mineola Search Partners
1/22: Futaleufu Partners
2/13: Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs
2/20: Ventura Search Capital

The 2022–2023 ETA Speaker Series featured Pacific Lake Partners, GJ King from RIA in a Box, Trilogy Search Partners, Brydon Group, Miramar Equity Partners, Endurance Search Partners, WSC, Footbridge Partners, Maven Equity Partners, GT Entrepreneurs, Mineola Search Partners, Kamylon Holdings, Archipelago Capital Partners, and Red Forest Capital.