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Broadcloth Studio

Amanda Carye D’07 T’14, Founder | Broadcloth Studio is a collection of bold and modern quilt patterns.

FreshAir Sensor, L.L.C.

Jack O’Toole T’14, Founder and President | FreshAir's initial product uses a novel sensor technology to detect and alert customers of nicotine and marijuana usage in dorms, hotels, and rental properties.

Harmonize, Inc.

Kanav Abrol T’14, Founder | Harmonize is a people friendly chat-based HR system, that lets you create a fun and collaborative workplace.

6AM Health

Bradford Callow T’13, Founder and CEO | 6AM Health aims to make delicious, fresh, and nutritious food convenient, affordable and accessible to all by installing fresh fridges in office spaces and making fresh food avilable on the...


Andrew Olaleye T’13, Co-Founder | Chatdesk creates software that help companies deliver better customer support, drive sales growth and scale efficiently.

Consistent Conversion

Keyen Farrell T’13 Founder | Consistent Conversion is a digital advertising  consultancy founded by Keyen Farrell, a Google alum with 13 years of paid search experience. We specialize in paid search and display, employing data-driven strategies to generate...


Kaia Dekker T’13, Co-Founder and CEO | We make super comfortable keyboards that are beautiful and hackable.


Robert Hillas Jr. T’13, Founder | PlainVanilla gets contracts done more easily, faster, using data, and better. We do it by putting everything you need for a contract in one fully integrated platform. You can create, send, negotiate,...

Refresh Recruiting

Andrew Friedman T’13, Co-Founder | We use our proprietary analytical tools to estimate the time it takes to run a search as well as the candidate flows throughout the various stages of a search.

Stemless Co.

Koushalah King T’13, Founder | Stemless is a retail marketing platform committed to protecting customer data and utilizing a contract-free business model.

Truora Inc.

Daniel Bilbao T’13, Co-Founder and CEO | Comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solutions to protect your reputation and your business.

AVC Sense

Daniel Philp D’03 T’12, Founder and CEO | AVC Sense is the premier consulting service for Amazon Vendors. Our solution will optimize your brand, increase traffic to your products and drive sales. 


Shannon Mosier T’12, Co-Founder and COO | Clearly is a smart banking that helps you save, pay down debt and invest with confidence.

FirmPlay, Inc.

Co-Founders Jason Rivas T’12 and Vasilios Alexiou T’12 | FirmPlay’s employee advocacy software helps you market, sell, and recruit by arming your employees with pre-approved content they can share with their personal social networks.

repisodic, inc

Michael Cwalinski Jr. T’12, Co-Founder and CEO | Repisodic is an easy to implement EHR add-on helps hospitals manage and optimize their discharge process at scale.

REsurety, Inc.

Robert Taylor IV T’12, Founder and CEO | As the scale and complexity of risks faced by investors, buyers and sellers of clean energy continues to grow, REsurety provides the tools your organization needs to identify value and...