E-ship 101 Pathways Workshops

At the start of each year, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Services hold two Eship 101 Pathways workshops: one each for Starters and Builders. These workshops are designed to help students understand both the Tuck and greater entrepreneurial ecosystem resources, approaches to starting or building an early-stage company, terminology, and more. More information for current students is available on CE's Sharepoint site.

Tuck-Magnuson Startup Incubator

The Tuck-Magnuson Startup Incubator helps budding entrepreneurs to build their ventures from customer discovery to implementation. This program creates an incubator environment as teams work on different aspects of the business, such as product development, financial modeling, fundraising and sales, while working alongside fellow entrepreneurs and a robust group of alumni and industry mentors and subject matter experts.

The Incubator accepts a cohort of student-led teams each term to work on developing their ventures in a collaborative environment. The incubator involves independent fieldwork, collaboration with advisors and other teams, teach-ins from subject matter experts, and working with mentors. Teams must apply to the Incubator to participate.  Daniella Reichstetter, the Executive Director of the Tuck Center for Entrepreneurship, directs the Incubator program and serves on the Advisor team; she is also the Faculty Advisor for the independent studies for Tuck students wishing to gain course credit for their work. Details for applications and the process are announced via our newsletter, information sessions, and more broadly through Tuck communications.

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Summer Internships: Maynard Internship Program

The Maynard Internship Program (MIP), generously supported by Fred Maynard T’85, combines the summer internship with the opportunity to understand first-hand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurial ventures. Three types of MIPs exist:

  • Summer Startup Award: for students wishing to work on their venture exclusively
  • Entrepreneurial Award: for students wishing to work at an early-stage company
  • Private Equity (PE)/Venture Capital (VC) Award: for students wishing to work at a private equity or venture capital firm


Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum in partnership with the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth College

This conference brings together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and interested students for a day of panels, presentations, company showcases, and a live pitch competition. The event is a collaboration between the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth College, Norwest Ventures, and Tuck. It takes place twice a year: Spring in Hanover and Fall in San Francisco.  

See below for past keynote speakers and agendas.