Student Organizations

Entrepreneurship Club

The Tuck Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide the resources and opportunities to facilitate students’ exploration of entrepreneurial thinking, joining startups, and launching new ventures. Each year the club leaders arrange a few key events such as a kickoff and eship Tuck ’Tails. Other events or treks are planned based on club leadership and student body interest. In 2019, the eship club took a Midwest trek to learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystem there

This year’s leaders are: Charlotte Jenkins T’24, Katherine Kirby T’24, Tobechukwu Okpala T’24, Valeria Brito Barbosa T’24

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club

The Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club serves as a resource to students interested in the increasingly popular industry and career path: search funds and entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA). Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, or ETA, is when a person acquires or buys an existing company to own and operate, rather than starting a new company or venture from the start. If using outside capital to purchase the company, the intent is to innovate and grow the purchased company to exit at a target date to return invested funds. A search fund is an investment fund an entrepreneur uses to raise capital in order to search for a company to acquire and run as CEO.

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